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If its worth it keep fighting for it.

You know its worth sticking around when that one person deals with your bullshit no matter what the case is.  Even when everything is going downhill that one person sticks by your side and reassures you that they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.The one who would stick up for you even when you’re not around.  That’s the one worth keeping. That’s the one worth fighting for. That’s the one you wouldn’t wanna lose.

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“Every woman needs her man who’d be true, who’d say I do. Even when the skies are gray. He know that God will bring them through. A man that understands that love, it don’t come everyday”

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People tell you to move on or find someone ‘better’ but its not that easy . How can you forget someone that gave you so much to remember. It hurts to hear someone to tell me that because they wouldn’t even tell you to keep trying that the last thing they would say. It sucks to sit next to someone you love and you guys are nothing less then friends now. Just that one day you hang out with them was the best day of your life and then you find a big smile on your face at the end of that day. You can’t hold their hand or hold them like you use to because you guys aren’t together. Your typically ignoring how you feel because they said it ‘best’ you guys are friends. How would someone knows what best for you? They have no part in how you feel & what you want. I just want to say if you want something in life go for it. Don’t listen to anyone or let anything stop it. Keep trying even though it gets rough , things will get better eventually it always has to.

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We’re not a perfect couple behind all this we have our breaking up moments and somethings that we don’t agree on but I know that we are perfect on our own way for holding on no matter what we are going through. I love her with all my heart I know sometimes Im hard headed but just know that I wanna be with you forever. All I can ask you is to never give up on us and love me forever.

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**After being in a huge argument**

: You love me, don’t you?
Him: I do.
Her: If you love me, are you willing to let me go?
Him: *silence* Do you love me?
Her: Yes, I do.
Him: Are you willing to let me go?
Her: Never, babe. Not in a million, billion, trillion, non-stop years. I love you waaay too much. And I’m not stupid enough to let you go. Letting you go will be my greatest regret. It’ll feel as if I’m missing a huge piece in my heart. Even if I say that you deserve someone better than me, I still honestly can say that I deserve you. You’ve changed my perspective about love, and how there’s always that one guy who isn’t the same as the rest, which is you, of course. I can never live without you. NEVER. I have too much memories with you. And I know for sure that I’ll die a little inside. Like what you have said, “We both aren’t perfect individuals, but we’re perfect for each other.” I apologize for making this situation go further than I thought it would be. And I just want you to know that I’ll always always always love you, no matter what we go through. Like what we always say to each other, “I’ll marry you someday.” I won’t give up on you, on US, and this relationship. We’ve got so far into it, and it’s a shame if it was to end now. I know that we both can make it even further into this relationship. We just have to work together as a team. I love you, babe. And don’t you ever forget that.

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